These are some of the perennials you may find at the plant sale. All selections are subject to change.
Check back during the week prior to the sale to see a list of plants we will be able to offer.

Aquilegia caerulea KIRIGAMI Red and White Columbine.
Aquilegia caerulea “KIRIGAMI Red and White Columbine”
Aquilegia caerulea - Columbine.
Aquilegia caerulea “Columbine”
Clematis Rouge Cardinal.
Clematis “Rouge Cardinal”
Clematis Haku-Ookan.
Clematis “Haku-Ookan”
Clematis Nelly Moser.
Clematis “Nelly-Moser”
Achillea millefolium “Sunny Seduction”
Achillea millefolium NEW VINTAGE Balvinolet Violet.
Achillea millefolium NEW VINTAGE “Balvinolet Violet”
Coreopsis grandiflora Sunfire.
Coreopsis grandiflora “Sunfire”
Dianthus AMERICAN PIE Georgia Peach Pie.
Dianthus AMERICAN PIE “Georgia Peach Pie”
Dianthus-Devon Siskin.
Dianthus “Devon Siskin”
Festuca idahoensis Siskiyou Blue.
Festuca idahoensis “Siskiyou Blue”
Heuchera CRISP - Apple Crisp.
Heuchera CRISP “Apple Crisp”
Phlox subulata - Candystripe.
Phlox subulata ‘Candystripe’
Phlox subulata EARLY - SPRING Barsixtynine Blue.
Phlox subulata EARLY SPRING “Barsixtynine” Blue
Penstemon digitalis - Husker's Red.
Penstemon digitalis “Husker’s Red”
Penstemon - Onyx and Pearls.
Penstemon “Onyx and Pearls”
Sedum spurium - Fuldaglut.
Sedum spurium “Fuldaglut”
Sedum rupestre -Angelina.
Sedum rupestre “Angelina”
Sedum album - Red Ice.
Sedum album “Red Ice”