Annual Plant Sale at Pybus Market

Plant Sales are a primary source of funding

WSU campus.

Plant Sale proceeds support:

  • education programs
  • farmers’ market booths
  • fairs
  • gardens
  • special projects.

Visit the Community Education Garden at Springwater and Western Avenue to see how your support beautifies our community and provides an educational resource for gardeners.

Thanks to you, our 2023 Annual Plant Sale was a huge success. We will be back in late April 2024 to bring you quality tomatoes, peppers, herbs and vegetable starts nurtured by Master Gardener volunteers as well as premium quality perennials for your gardens. View the varieties offered in 2023 and look here for updated lists in early 2024.

See this list of tomatoes, peppers, vegetables and herbs.
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WSU campus.

You will find a large variety of tomatoes at the annual plant sale. Types of tomatoes will include favorites from the summer Tomato Gala:

WSU campus.

Everybody loves peppers and we have three types to choose from

  • Sweet – Escamillo, Big Bertha, California Wonder, King Arthur Hybrid and Wonder Bell
  • Medium – Alma Paprika & Cubanelle
  • Hot – Aleppo, Poblano, Padrón and Early Jalapeño

It is difficult to get consistency in the heat ratings and peoples palates vary.  Over the years pepper breeding has changed things too.  You can actually buy seeds for a jalapeño variety that claim to have no heat. Please consider these categories to be guidelines, not guarantees.

WSU campus.

Mother was right, vegetables are good for you and herbs provide a bit of soul. Our selection should make her happy and will hopefully include some of your favorites.

  • four types of basil
  • three cucumber varieties
  • three egg plant
  • broccoli, kale, swiss chard, tomatillo, parsley, rosemary, thyme, tarragon
Columbine, Aquilegia caerulea.

Master Gardener Volunteers work to bring some of their favorite perennials to the public at our plant sale. The selection is always subject to change as quality and availability are weather dependent.

See photos of possible perennials you may find at our sale.

Special Note: Be sure to visit our Extension Master Gardener website for important information regarding the care of your newly purchased plants. Specifically, see the section “Before you Plant – Hardening Off Plants”.

Growers report from the greenhouse

Approximately 500 plants were transplanted on March 31st. A combined total of 18 hours were spent transplanting seed starts. It takes about 3 hours to transplant a tray of 72 tiny plants that will flourish in the greenhouse ready for purchase on April 29th.

Plant starts in the greenhouse.
Growing on in the greenhouse
Seedlings in the greenhouse.
Some Seedlings in the greenhouse
Master Gardeners work on transplanting seedling in preparation for plant sale.
Transplanting seedlings
Three Master Gardeners transplanting seedling in preparation for plant sale.
Hard at work in the greenhouse
Master Gardeners in the greenhouse discussing watering schedule.
Connie Mehmel and Paul Bergman are discussing the watering practices for the plants.
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are just a few of the herbs and vegetables MG are going for the plant sale.
Connie Mehmel refers to this as Scarborough Fair- Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are just a few of the herbs and vegetables MG are going for the plant sale