Choices, choices: Master Gardener plant sale is April 29

By Lloyd Thompson
WSU Chelan/Douglas County Master Gardener

Activity at a plant sale.
Gardeners peruse the offerings at last year’s Master Gardeners plant sale at Pybus Public Market. This year’s sale is schedule for April 29. – Provided photo/Lloyd Thompson
Lloyd Thompson
Lloyd Thompson – WSU Extension Chelan/Douglas County Master Gardener – Provided photo

It’s almost time for the annual WSU Chelan/Douglas County Master Gardeners Plant Sale. The sale will take place at Pybus Public Market on April 29, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s a chance to buy some locally grown plants selected and started for the local growing conditions.

To view a list of herbs and vegetables available at the sale, go here. Read the list, research the plants, and build your wish list.


You will find a large variety of tomatoes at the plant sale, everything from cherry and paste tomatoes to the large, beefsteak varieties. Types of tomatoes will include some of the favorites from last summer’s Tomato Gala event.

Everybody loves peppers and we have three different types and lots of varieties to choose from. Sweet peppers include the Escamillo, Big Bertha, California Wonder, King Arthur Hybrid and Wonder Bell varieties. Medium peppers include Alma Paprika and Cubanelle. Hot peppers include Aleppo, poblano, Padrón and early jalapeños.

As your mother always said, “Eat your vegetables; they are good for you.” The selection at this year’s sale will include some of your favorites. These include four types of basil, three cucumber varieties, three eggplant varieties, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, tomatillo, parsley, rosemary, thyme and tarragon.

Master Gardener volunteers work to bring some of their favorite perennials to the public at our plant sale. The selection is always subject to change as quality and availability are weather dependent.

Be sure to visit the plant sale website,, for important information regarding the care of your newly purchased plants. Specifically, see the section “Before you Plant – Hardening Off Plants.”

Proceeds from the plant sale support the many educational programs offered locally by the Master Gardeners, including the Plant Diagnosis Clinic, the Community Education Garden in Wenatchee, the Boswell Garden at the Chelan County Expo Center in Cashmere and the Pollinator Garden at the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery. To learn more about our program, visit the Master Gardener Foundation website,

Please help support our dedicated group’s annual plant sale so we can continue to provide gardening assistance and local training opportunities.